The NOSHO team is proud to present you our brand-new cup collection. The passion for beauty, perfection, attention to detail and knowledge of the exceptional quality, inspired the NOSHO team. Coffee combines the aesthetic pleasure and a shared experience which we want to share with all friends of good design. Welcome to the world of our NOSHO cups. Here we present you the NOSHO Art Collection. The current collection includes three cups.

The cup of «HAPPY BIRTHDAY» is for anyone who wants to have a nice gift for a good friend. The cup says all, what you want so say, but sometimes you can’t take the time to write this on a letter or you forgot the words when standing in front of him.

The cup «ENDLESS» reflects romance, love and the time that elapses inevitable. The cup is for strong and confident women who know what they want and for what they use their time.

The «MY FAVOURITE CUP» is for all those, who have lost their favorite cup through a stupid accident, and now need a new one. On your favourite cup, you relate normally a lot of emotion. The favorite cup helps in good and even in bad days. Imagine drinking fresh milk coffee from your “FAVORITE CUP” on sunday morning and look through the stunning view of your appartement to the central park and NY skyline – This will be a good day!